Saturday, July 31

Logitechs new $50 ergonomic trackball mouse has Bluetooth LE support – Engadget

Logitech has unveiled the Ergo M575, a wireless trackball with a design not unlike the iconic M570 model, but with improved ergonomics and some nice features borrowed from the high-end MX Ergo. The most important new addition is Bluetooth LE support, which lets you use the M570 on an iPad, MacBook or PC that may lack a USB Type A port. If you do have that port, however, it also works on 2.4Ghz wireless via the included dongle.

Logitech M575 Trackball


Physically, the M575 resembles the M570, with a curved ergonomic shape, trackball on the thumb, left and right buttons, a scroll wheel and two programmable buttons. The new model, however, has subtle ridges on the palm rest that supposedly give you a better grip. Logitech said that the new model is more comfortable to use for long stretches, hopefully reducing the hand cramping that can happen with trackballs.

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