Friday, March 5

Amazon unboxes brand-new Razr phones to fold them shut before shipping – CNET



If you buy a new, foldable Motorola Razr with 5G from Amazon, be prepared for a surprise upon unboxing it. Namely, someone from Amazon will have gotten there first.


The new Motorla Razr ships in a special box that shows off the unfolded screen. Amazon is opening them up to fold the phone shut before shipping them out.


“NOTE: originally, Razr was meant to be shipped in the unfolded position,” reads a note at the top of the unlocked phone’s Amazon listing (and a hat-tip to our friends at The Verge for spotting it). “However, in order to better protect the display we have folded your Razr — it’s safer, but may not look as elegant as we hoped. 

“We apologize if you see fingerprints on your device, but we assure you your Razr is brand new,” the note concludes.

The new Razr is built from aluminum and Gorilla Glass 5, and can withstand being folded 200,000 times, Motorola tells us. But Motorola ships the phone in a special box designed to double as a speaker base and show off the unfolded OLED screen, and that’s apparently given Amazon pause before shipping the $1,400 device.

Amazon did not immediately respond when asked if it alters the position of any other phones prior to shipping.

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