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The essential web app starter pack for new Chromebook owners – Chrome Unboxed

This morning, we told you all about web applications and how to turn any website in the world into an icon. They hold near limitless potential and that may very well be the future of computing. Getting started with your new Chromebook or finding new experiences for your existing one can be tricky. That’s why we promised to compile the most popular web apps for you to help spark your imagination. Why waste valuable space downloading Android apps from the Google Play Store for things that have a viable web-based counterpart? The following ideas encompass just a tiny fraction of the frequently used “software” Chromebooks can run thanks to the depth and breadth of the open internet and the ‘create a shortcut’ trick that we previously detailed.

Every day browsers, students, business owners, creatives – Chromebooks are for everyone in some way or another. We’ll be sure to publish a lot more of these suggestions in the near future so that you can harness the true power of your Chromebook! Be sure to use our tips and tricks to organize your new web apps in your launcher and don’t forget that you’ll want to create a shortcut out of the login page (not the homepage) for each of these so that if you remain logged in, you will always be brought straight to your dashboard for that site. We’ll only link some of the more obscure ones, but all you need to do is hit the ‘Everything button’ on your keyboard and type the rest in. Let us know in the comments which web apps you’ve personalized your device with and have fun!

Ideas for everyday life

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Goodreads, Reddit
  • Communication – Google Duo, Google Messages, Whatsapp web, Facebook messenger, etc.
  • Utility companies – Duke Energy or your electric company, Charter Spectrum or your cable provider, Google Fi or your cellular company, your rent or mortgage website,
  • Music and Entertainment – Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Music, Pandora, Spotify, Ted Talks
  • Shopping and household – Shipt, Instacart, eBay, Amazon, Zillow, Nextdoor, Nest, Offer Up, Let Go, Yummly
  • Personal Files – Google Photos, Flickr, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Health and Fitness – MyFitnessPal, Calorie King, Lose It!, Habitica, Care Cards
  • Finance – Your bank website (PNC, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc), Google Pay, Turbo Tax, Quickbooks, Spendee, credit card bill pay, etc.
  • JournallingJourney, Journalistic, Bible

Ideas for students

Ideas for business owners

  • Your business website or digital workspace
  • Newsletter or contact managementMailchimp or Constant Contact, Google Contacts
  • Individual Google docs – or other frequently used collaborative documents
  • Note-taking – Google Keep, Simple Note, Notion, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote,
  • News and current events – Google News, Flipboard, individual news outlet websites – Chrome Unboxed 😉
  • Task Management – Trello, Asana, Google Workspace, Codecks

Ideas for creatives

Learn how to turn these websites into icons!

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