Monday, March 8

With The DLC All Wrapped Up, Here Are The 234 Pokémon Still Unavailable In Sword And Shield – Nintendo Life

@BowtieShyGuy To be fair, the Pokemon were programmed into the game that time, they just weren’t legally available yet, since Gen 1/2.

@Dremp To be fair, finishing the dex in Sun and Moon didn’t require any imported Pokemon, there was no ‘national dex’. So cutting Pokemon isn’t what shortened the dex.

@Salnax They can advertise Greninja’s return as a selling point for the next game and people will eat it up.

As for me, I’m just glad Joltik is in and Luxray and Hawlucha made it in with DLC. The rest of my top 10 (Houndoom, Cranidos, Chimchar, Typhlosion, Honchcrow, Pyroar, Gogoat) all remain cut.

I’m still kinda annoyed that they claimed they didn’t have time to port models to Switch when literally every Kanto Pokemon already was for Let’s Go, and compatibility was cut anyways. I’d be fine with them being transport only and not in the dex, but no compatibility at all?

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