Friday, March 5

WhatsApps New “Vacation Mode” Doesnt Seem Like Much Of a Vacation At All – Gizmodo

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WhatsApp’s newest feature has us a bit intrigued.

The messaging app’s latest beta just dropped in the Google Play Store, and according to a third-party blog tracking the app’s developments, it looks… interesting.

While we weren’t able to access the beta ourselves, the blog alleges that it includes a new feature called “Vacation Mode,” which will apparently be baked into one of the app’s future updates for iOS and Android users. The feature is designed to automatically archive texts as they come in and keep them archived so you won’t get notified if you’re, say, on vacation. It overrides WhatsApp’s usual tactic of un-archiving any of these chats with any new message. 

The blog notes that while we don’t know when this WhatsApp feature will be ready for prime time, the beta already comes packed with a new tab specifically for these archived—or muted—chats, so it may roll out fairly soon.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for comment, and will update this post when we hear back.

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