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Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio lets you build a phone to bankrupt you – The Next Web

Fancy getting yourself something from Apple’s iPhone 12 range? But uncertain of what exact color combination you want? Well, Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio has got your back.

The company has just launched an interactive mobile web app that lets you customize your new device’s color, MagSafe case, and wallet attachment. Meaning you can create bits of art like this:

Apple iPhone 12 studio results
I tried to make a really horrendous color clash a few times, but it’s actually quite difficult. Also, yeah, I go by BIG DOG now.

The iPhone 12 Studio service is very similar to the Apple Watch Studio, something I found helpful when I bought one of Apple’s wearables. The big difference between them though is the iPhone version only works on mobile or tablet, while the Watch one functions on the desktop just fine.

The process of using the iPhone 12 Studio is pretty simple. You arrive on a screen giving you the option to choose between Apple’s four iPhone 12 models.

iPhone 12 studio select screen
Of course, in my imaginary iPhone 12 selection I went for the most expensive model. I’m worth it.

Once you’ve selected one, then you get to customizing. You can change the color of the device, then do the same thing with the MagSafe case. After that, you can choose which wallet you want on the back of your brand-spanking new phone. At which point, you end up with something like this:

iphone 12 studio final
This site is dangerous.

It’s all very simple, streamlined, and Apple. It means you can spend some time fantasizing about which new iPhone will end up destroying your wallet, before actually taking the leap and ruining yourself financially in order to get a shiny new device.

And yes, before you ask, I have spent quite a lot of time on this site.

Anyway, if you’d like to give the iPhone 12 Studio a spin to waste a few workday hours, then I encourage you to head on over here. Have fun, folks.

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Published November 9, 2020 — 09:36 UTC

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