The Pixel 5 is a pretty good phone, but it’s overpriced compared to other upper-mid-range devices released this year (including Google’s own Pixel 4a 5G, which is a full $200 cheaper at MSRP). Google’s offering a discount for Black Friday, but it’s not much — just 50 bucks off. If you don’t mind a phone that’s been handled by someone else before you, you can get a better deal going open-box at Best Buy: the retailer has Pixel 5s in “excellent” condition for $615.99, $83 under retail.

Best Buy describes the devices’ condition as looking brand new and including all original accessories (and usually retail packaging). I can confirm that anecdotally: I bought one at this price, and it’s visually indistinguishable from a brand new phone. The box was a little distressed, but I think that’s a fair concession to save nearly a hundred bucks.

These phones are most likely units that were returned shortly after purchase. They’re not available for local pickup everywhere — mine took about a week to ship from a store hundreds of miles away — but you might be able to grab one in-store if you live in a particularly populous area. It’s unclear how many units Best Buy has at this price, so if you’ve been waiting for a good price on the Pixel 5, you should probably pounce sooner than later.

The link below should take you right to open-box option, but if not, scroll down to “Buying Options” and select the “Open-Box Excellent” one. You might be able to get one in “Satisfactory” condition for a little cheaper, but those are only available for local pickup.