Friday, March 5

Amazons Alexa-powered smart glasses are now more widely available – Engadget

The Echo Frames still have the VIP filter that only alerts you to notifications from specific apps and contacts you want to hear from, but Amazon added support for group messages and calendars. Finally, the first Frames were only available in black, but today’s update adds tortoise and blue options as well.

These updates mean that Amazon has raised the price a bit — the new edition of Echo Frames will cost $250, up from $180 for the Day 1 edition. They go up for pre-order today and will be shipping by December 10th.

At the same time, Amazon has announced that its second Day 1 project, the Echo Loop ring, won’t move into production as a full product. Production and sales are ending, but Amazon says that customers’ Loops will keep working as they do now and will continue to receive updates and support.

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