Saturday, March 6

Nintendo Shares Its Own Official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island – GameSpot

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ big winter update is here, introducing not only Thanksgiving and Christmas events to the game, but also the option to visit a random Dream Island–and one dream destination that you can now travel to is Nintendo’s own Animal Crossing island.

The company has shared the Dream Address for its official island on the Animal Crossing Twitter account. To visit it, simply lay down on any bed in your house, select Search by Dream Address when prompted by Luna, then input 6382-1459-4417. If you’d rather visit a random dream, choose Surprise Me instead and you’ll be whisked to a randomly selected player’s Dream Island.

That’s not all that Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ winter update added to the game. The patch also introduced a variety of new reactions and hairstyles, which can be purchased with Nook Miles through the NookStop terminal in your Resident Services building. Every player will also receive a free in-game Yule log from Nintendo in the mail after downloading the update.

Finally, the update added the long-awaited ability to transfer save data. You now have the ability to move either your entire island or a specific player’s data to a different Switch console. You can read more on how to transfer your New Horizons data on Nintendo’s support website.

There’s still more content and activities on the way for New Horizons. The game’s Thanksgiving event, Turkey Day, takes place next Thursday, November 26, while Toy Day will follow on December 24. Nintendo is also releasing another content update for the title in late January that will add the Festivale event, while Super Mario furniture is arriving in March.

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