Saturday, July 31

WoW Shadowlands: Character Not Found, Character Selection Blank, Cant Log In – Server Status, Launch, Queues & more – RealSport101

Shadowlands has arrived!

Much like any WoW expansion, Blizzard is experiencing some issues with servers and logins.

This isn’t to say everything is broken, many players are currently pushing Shadowlands content just fine.

For other players, though, some issues include servers and characters not showing, black screens, server queues, and more.

WoW Shadowlands cant see characters servers down black screen
LUCK OF THE DRAW: While some players can enjoy Shadowlands just fine, others are running into issues logging in

One of the most common new errors in Shadowlands is the “Character Not Found” message.

WoW Shadowlands character not found message servers log in fix update
SHORT STICK: Many players are facing the Shadowlands Character not found message trying to log in

These issues are expected to clear up as Shadowlands is rolled out and players get into the new expansion.

WoW Shadowlands World Server is Down
ONE OF MANY: Players can experience a range of technical issues with Shadowlands, but expect them to resolve over the course of the massive launch day

For the time being, expect some hiccups in what could be one of World of Warcraft’s biggest expansions yet.

As this is a breaking story, we’ll update with news as it comes.

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