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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Weapon XP Rate is Reportedly Broken – Gaming INTEL

After accidentally giving players a way to earn too much Weapon XP in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies, Treyarch now appears to have broken the system entirely.

Right now, Black Ops Cold War players can enjoy double XP in online multiplayer until the end of the month. However, fans quickly realized that this boost also appeared to apply to Zombies, in a big way.

According to fans on Reddit, for a while playing Black Ops Cold War Zombies would allow players to level up weapons four times as fast. It seems that while previously Zombies offered a huge boost to XP earnings, today, it offers very little.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Broken XP
(Source: Treyarch)

Is Black Ops Cold War Zombies Weapon XP Broken?

In a quick effort to fix the unintentional boost to Zombies Weapon XP, Treyarch might have broken the system completely. Players are now reporting less Weapon XP than before the double XP week began, and many believe this is the slowest progression has ever been.

With the Zombies XP boost, one Reddit user leveled up their Type 63 around 40 times in a single game. Granted, the user made it all the way to Round 100, but their rewards were well worth the efforts.

In that time, they not only leveled up a handful of weapons but also unlocked all attachments and camos they could ever want. This is on top of the bonus XP gained by unlocking all these achievements.

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It’s enough to make any Black Ops Cold War fan jealous, especially as now we’re back to slow progression. As a whole, users have been largely critical of Cold War’s slow Weapon leveling already.

The double XP week has been a great opportunity to get more weapons up to a useable state. Having Zombies for bonus XP was a great alternative to the online grind.

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Now though, the fanbase has lost faith that Treyarch will even bump the XP back up to regular levels. A Reddit user reports that they managed a Black Ops Cold War Zombies Exfil at Round 31, yet only leveled their FFAR up 6 times.

That’s certainly quite the hit after players were just starting to enjoy the XP boost. Many users are angry that Treyarch chose to fix this issue instead of working on matters like Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility.

For those looking to level up fast in Black Ops Cold War, there are still a few tricks to help you grind. And there’s still an ongoing 2XP Cold War promotion, for those willing to spend some money on snacks.

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