Tuesday, July 27

New Pokemon Go Tease Features a Familiar Pokemon Cry – ComicBook.com

In a new Pokemon Go video, Niantic has once again shown off the Raid Timer set to go off on Tuesday, but this time the video features a familiar Pokemon cry. Fans that played Pokemon X and Y might recognize that cry as the one belonging to the Psychic-type Pokemon Espurr! Pokemon from the sixth Pokemon generation are set to appear in the mobile game on Tuesday, and it seems that Espurr will be appearing in Raid Battles starting that day. Previous teasers had hinted that Espurr might be the Pokemon in the Raid Egg, but this one makes for a much more compelling case!

The video from Pokemon Go‘s official Twitter account can be found embedded below.

The addition of Pokemon from the Kalos region should be quite welcome to fans of Pokemon Go, particularly to those that have connected the game with Pokemon Home. Earlier this month, Pokemon Go players gained the ability to transfer Pokemon directly to Pokemon Home. While Espurr can be obtained in Pokemon Sword and Shield, a number of popular Pokemon that first appeared in X and Y have not been made available in games released since, including the game’s starting Pokemon, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. As such, Pokemon Go will give players a new opportunity to help fill their National Pokedex!

It will be interesting to see how fans react to the new changes coming to Pokemon Go on Tuesday. The mobile game has evolved quite a bit over the last four years, and has proven to be an enduring part of the Pokemon franchise. While the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to play the game as it was first imagined, Niantic has made a number of changes to keep players involved, even when they might be playing at home. The addition of more Pokemon to the game will certainly help in that goal, and the fan favorites like Greninja, Xerneas, and Espurr should make for some interesting strategies among players.

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