Tuesday, July 27

Among Us Update Fixes Free Pet Issue – ComicBook.com

Among Us players got a unique opportunity this week to get a free pet in the party game, but a snag with the giveaway meant that many people weren’t able to smoothly redeem the offer. The pet in question is a “Glitch Pet” which features the Glitch symbol from Twitch, and the problem that prevented players from getting it dealt with linking accounts which was one of the few steps actually asked of players. That problem has thankfully been resolved now though just one day after the promotion started, so if you need a free pet, you’re free to get one for a limited time.

The Twitch Rivals Twitter account first shared news of the free pet on December 4th and followed up on Saturday with an update on the status of the giveaway. Players had to link their Twitch and Among Us accounts and watch some Among Us gameplay via Twitch Rivals to get the Glitch Pet, but not long after the deal was announced, the Twitch Rivals teams acknowledged problems that were preventing players from linking accounts. As of December 5th, those issues should be resolved.

Among Us developer InnerSloth shared a similar announcement and referred people back to a previous thread about the free Glitch Pet to instruct players on how they can get the pet added to their collections. For those who haven’t yet tried to get the Glitch Pet, all it requires is linking accounts and watching a minimum of 30 minutes of Twitch Rivals’ Among Us event that’s going on now.

You can find a rundown of those steps below to make the process a quick one.

Aside from the steps outlined above, a few caveats apply to this offer. You have to watch 30 minutes of the Twitch Rivals event while logged into your Twitch account, and the offer only stands from now until December 19th when the Twitch Rivals event ends. The Glitch Pet is the only cosmetic that’s being given away, so don’t plan on picking out your own pet, but if you don’t have one at all or you’re just starting out in Among Us, a free pet isn’t a bad deal.

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