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PS5 restock at Sony Direct — how to snag one when stock returns – Toms Guide

Wondering where to buy PS5? The highly-coveted PS5 console has been going in and out of stock at the Sony Direct Store. You’ll need a bit of luck and lightning-fast reflexes to snag a console, but it also helps to know what to expect.  

First, upon clicking on the Sony Direct Store you’ll automatically be taken to an online queue where you’ll have to wait for your chance to buy the console. Wait times will vary, but if it says you have “more than an hour” wait, don’t despair. The status can rapidly change and you may have a shorter wait than estimated. For instance, after waiting 20 minutes yesterday, our time was cut from “more than an hour” to just 15 minutes. 

PS5 stock at Sony Direct

PS5: $499 at Sony Direct
The Sony Direct Store sporadically gets PS5 restock. You’ll need to form an online queue for your chance to get the console for $499.View Deal

It’s worth noting that just because you’ve got a spot in the queue doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a chance to buy it. Sony clearly states “PS5 consoles are limited and not guaranteed even if you are in the queue.” Once you’ve made it to the front of the queue, you’ll hear a chime (make sure to have your sound on) and you’ll be redirected to the PlayStation Store. You’ll then have 10 minutes to proceed with your purchase. You will also need your PSN account or be required to create one. 

Finally, if Sony Direct sells out, know that other retailers may get stock in the coming days. Newegg confirmed via tweet earlier this week that it will have stock of the PS5 sometime on the “3rd week of December.” (No dates or times were given). 

PS5 restock

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Where to buy PS5

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