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Youtube TV subscribers are being surprised with a free Chromecast with Google TV for their loyalty – Chrome Unboxed

Youtube TV is well aware that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy in to a full subscription package thanks to the pandemic and their continuous content partnership fallouts like that of Tennis TV and Fox Sports Networks. Even though it’s not their fault that some deals simply can’t be negotiated in a way that benefits users, it’s nice to see that they’re doing what they can to show how much they appreciate subscribers despite the fac. Long time subscribers are now receiving an email containing an offer for a free Chromecast with Google TV in the color snow.

A few weeks ago, they gave everyone free access to HBO Max and Cinemax for a full week and even a free trial to Hallmark Movies Now as the service launched on their platform. There is no specific rhyme or reason to who is receiving these emails or in what order aside from the prerequisite of being a long time subscriber. However long Google defines that as is not mentioned. Keep checking your inbox over the next few days to see if you’re one of the lucky ones! We’re hoping that all subscribers who have been paying for at least a few months will receive this email soon so that they can order their free Chromecast with Google TV in time for Christmas.

Hi {Name}

We wanted to say thanks and offer you, a longtime friend of Youtube TV, a new Chromecast with Google TV – on us.

Click the button below to get a new Chromecast with Google TV (a $49.99 value) in the color Snow. Please be sure to claim this gift soon because it’s only available through December 31.*

With the new Chromecast, you can level up your Youtube TV experience with features like a homepage that makes Youtube TV recommendations based on shows you like, as well as a voice, remove to quickly jump to your favorites.

Thanks for being a part of Youtube TV.

The Youtube TV team

Contents of the email

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