Monday, July 26

WoW Pacifist Picks “Millions” Of Flowers To Hit New Level Cap – Kotaku

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Image: Blizzard

Doubleagent, the world’s most famous pacifist (in World of Warcraft), has just hit the game’s new maximum level cap by, uh, doing some intensive gardening on the Wandering Isle.

Famous for having never picked a side in Warcraft’s eternal struggle, and as a result remaining forever in the game’s starting area, Doubleagent spends his days…wandering around picking flowers and doing some mining.

Following the recent release of the Shadowlands expansion, there was a revised level 60 cap to hit, so Doubleagent got to work picking more flowers, spending the last two weeks honing his herbalism to reach the new ceiling.

On Friday, as PC Gamer reports, he’d done enough to get to level 60, just over two weeks on from Shadowlands’ release, mostly by “picking millions of flowers.

I deeply respect this hustle. Azeroth has seen enough bloodshed. May his example inspire a million other herbalists and do-gooders.


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