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The best accessories for AirPods Max: Headphone stands, AirFly, and more – 9to5Mac

Apple’s new AirPods Max are officially here. The first orders have arrived to customers around the world, and select Apple Stores now have same-day availability for pick up and delivery. If you’ve just unboxed new AirPods Max headphones, here are some accessories that you might find useful.

Headphone stands and mounts

My personal favorite way to store headphones when not in use is with an under-desk headphone mount. Like many others, I use Elevation Lab’s “The Anchor” under-desk headphone mount. It’s affordable and incredibly simple to install, using a custom 3M adhesive as opposed to clamps or drilling holes.

Another option is the Anchor Pro, which adds features a more industrial design paired with built-in cord management. For long-term use, this could be a better option given that the AirPods Max are on the heavier side of the headphone category.

Finding a solid headphone stand that isn’t covered with RGB lights and designed for gamers is tricky nowadays. That being said, one of the most popular and most elegant options comes from JOKItech. This headphone stand features an aluminum finish with a walnut headrest at the top for storing your headphones when not in use.

If you’re looking for something as simple as possible, this $10 option will also get the job done properly.

Of course, because of how the Smart Case leaves the mesh headband exposed, it is actually possible to place the AirPods Max, while in their Smart Case, on a headphone stand or an under-desk mount. On the other hand, now that we know that the AirPods Max Smart Case actually doesn’t have as big of an impact on battery life as initially thought, you can also ditch the case entirely.

AirFly and AirFly Pro

AirFly is a unique accessory from the folks over at Twelve South, who are best known for their unique lineup of iPhone, iPad, and Mac accessories. The goal of AirFly is to allow you to use Bluetooth headphones, such as AirPods Max, with wired headphones jacks — such as those found in planes, cars, and exercise equipment.

If you plan on using AirPods Max in the aforementioned environments, then AirFly is a must-have accessory. If you want to be able to pair two pairs of headphones at the same time, then also be sure to check out the AirFly Pro accessory as well. The AirFly Pro also adds support for turning any AUX-in port into a wireless audio receiver.

Read our full review of AirFly:

Lightning to 3.5mm adapter

Finally, an accessory that I hate to have to even mention because it should be included in the box: Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm audio cable. At $35, it’s overpriced but necessary if you’d like to use your AirPods Max through wired connectivity.

Note that as of right now, it appears that many of the third-party Lightning to 3.5mm headphone cables don’t work with AirPods Max. Therefore, you’ll have to opt for Apple’s own cable to ensure compatibility.

Coming soon

The AirPods Max are a completely new product, and as such, we expect the accessory market to expand over the coming months. In fact, Waterfields has already announced that it is working on an aftermarket case to replace the controversial Smart Case that Apple includes with AirPods Max.

This bi-directional cable can be used with both 3.5 mm audio-out and audio-in ports, allowing you to connect your AirPods Max or Beats Solo Pro headphones to 3.5 mm audio sources, or to connect your iOS or iPadOS device to speakers with 3.5 mm audio ports.

We’ll be sure to keep this post updated over the coming months with new accessories, whether it be cases, headphone stands, or something completely new. In the meantime, do you have any favorite AirPods Max accessories? Let us know down in the comments!

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