Saturday, July 31

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 “Super Wagon” Flexes Family Muscle – autoevolution

We’ve been enjoying the Ford Mustang for well over five decades and while countless versions and derivatives have been offered, a wagon version was never on the menu. Well, this rendering comes to challenge that by portraying the all-round bad boy that is the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in family-friendly form.

It’s not difficult to look through these pixels: we have the front section of the ‘Stang – hey, even the hood is here – and the wheels, while the rest comes from the
2021 Audi RS6 (it’s worth noting this is the generation that marked the North American return of the German badge). And we can thank digital label Carlifestyle for the work.

So, would a wagon incarnation of the Ford Mustang make sense? At least from where we’re standing, the answer is positive, with or without the added GT500 spice. 

For starters, the idea is far from new. Back in 1966, Italian coachbuilder Intermeccanica built such a contraption, albeit in two-door form, for advertiser Barney Clark and designer Bob Cumberford. The rumors also talk about the Blue Oval having secretly developed such a project, albeit with this never making it past the design stage.

A toy like this could always serve as an alternative to SUVs. And with the number of such machines on the rise (don’t forget the super-SUVs), enthusiasts could make use of the dynamic abilities delivered by its lower center of gravity.

Oh, and now that Ford has used the Mustang label on the Mach-E electric crossover, one no longer has to wonder if such a wagon would be fit for the badge.

Much to nobody’s surprise, we can’t expect the automaker to actually build such a vehicle. Nevertheless, given the increasing need for individuality, a desire that’s also fueled by social media, we might just see an eccentric shop out there coming up with such a proposal.

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