Monday, August 2

13 AirPod Pro Tips That Justify Why I Just Spent $200 – BuzzFeed

Congrats! You’re officially down with APP.

These headphones aren’t like all those other headphones, and once you experience all the features, you’ll start to see why.

As a proud new owner of AirPod Pros (my previous pair was the first gen AirPods), these newfangled things have taken some time to get used to. The medium-sized ear tips were giving me a headache until I finally decided to swap them out for the smallest size. I felt like I was hearing faraway sounds, like, IN my eardrum in noise cancellation mode. But honestly, now that I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, nothing beats the immersive feeling of listening to music while wearing them, and the battery life is a huge quality of life gamechanger over my old pair. Just try vacuuming while listening to a podcast with the noise cancellation on — all of your $200 regrets will quickly wash away.

Before we get started, a few of these tips work with other versions of AirPods as well, so you might still get something out of this post even if you own a different model.

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