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2021 Mercedes E-Class Silently Ditches Its Iconic Hood Ornament – CarScoops

Bad news for those planning to spec their brand new 2021 E-Class with the company’s classic-style front grille and hood ornament as Mercedes has ditched that option from its US range.

For decades the three-pointed star on the hood was considered a trademark of luxury but as years go by, that image slowly faded away in favor of an even bigger star in the middle of the grille. In fact, the trend of having an ornament sticking out of the bonnet is slowly but steadily dying.

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Customers in North America are getting the 2021 Mercedes E-Class with the sportier front grille

Add to that the ever-stricter safety laws in different parts of the globe and hood ornaments are becoming increasingly tricky for automakers with a global footprint.

Mercedes USA has confirmed to Motor Trend that the option, previously available as part of the ‘Luxury’ trim, has been indeed discontinued. Luxury-fitted Mercedes E-Classes came with the classic front grille that featured the familiar rows of chrome slats and the company’s logo proudly sitting on top.

In fact, the only Mercedes models you can still buy with a hood ornament in the US market are the new S-Class sedan and the Maybach GLS SUV, with the rest of the lineup offering the star-in-grille fascia only.

However, the hood ornament option is still available in regions like Europe, where customers can pick the ‘Exclusive’ exterior package. This includes not only the classic chrome front grille and the star on the hood but also adds shiny chrome trim bits to the bumpers and side windows.

In Europe, Mercedes offers the ‘Elegance’ trim level that includes the traditional ‘star’ hood ornament

That means that if you still want that classic Benz feel from your new 2021 Mercedes E-Class, all you have to do is order the parts from the old Continent. It should be plug-and-play.

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