Tuesday, July 27

Square Enix Teases Announcements for Final Fantasy XVI, XIV, & More in 2021 – Twinfinite


Square Enix developers have teased their plans for 2021 in a large group interview on Famitsu, including the Final Fantasy series and more.

Various Square Enix developers have teased their plans for 2021 in a large group interview on Famitsu.

Final Fantasy XIV and XVI producer Naoki Yoshida explained that he expects 2021 to be the busiest year of his career, teasing a variety of announcements for both games.

We already know that Square Enix will host a big event in February, when the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion will likely be revealed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that the second game is being developed, but we should wait longer for more details. He did not provide specific hints on when we can expect those details to be revealed, but he did say he’ll be involved with the series in 2021 and beyond.

NieR series producer Yosuke Saito mentioned that the franchise will continue a bit longer, mentioning Re[in]carnation and Replicant ver.1.22474487139…. He also namedropped Babylon’s Fall but did not hint at dates for further reveals.

Bravely Default II producer Tomoya Asano mentioned that he hopes the game will be successful and to move on to the next game afterward.

Producer Masashi Takahashi (who also worked on Octopath Traveler) also added that there has been progress made in parallel on other games.

Dragon Quest series producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto said that he’d like to announce something for the 35th anniversary of the franchise in 2021.

SaGa series director Akitoshi Kawazu mentioned that his next game is still a secret.

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