Saturday, February 27

Ghost of Tsushima: Heres Why the PS4 Exclusive Is Trending –

Ghost of Tsushima was easily one of PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives of 2020 and, as with many of this year’s biggest games, the title received its very own emoji to commemorate the occasion. However, the game has now been available since July, and it seems that Ghost of Tsushima‘s custom Jin Sakai emoji will be going away in the very near future, as a result. Fans have used this as an excuse to once again celebrate the game, and many took to Twitter to share their fondest memories with one another. While the emoji might not be long for this world, it seems that those memories won’t be going anywhere!

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Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Ghost of Tsushima!

For many, it was the Game of the Year!


…while others took the opportunity to thank Sucker Punch for its work.


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