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Apex Legends is finally getting in-game damage tracker in early Season 8 – Dexerto

A series of screenshots that appear to be internal dev tests for Apex Legends have leaked, with names of unreleased content disclosed. The screenshots, posted by a burner account on Reddit, cannot be verified, but appear legitimate.

Apex Legends is shaping up for its eighth season, and has just launched its third map, Olympus in Season 7, alongside the new Legend, Horizon.

But, we know that the team at Respawn are already working many seasons in advance, and these screenshots of a test version of the game appear to give a small glimpse into what exactly they have planned.

Among the unreleased content is ‘Tropic playtest’, which lines up with a previous data mined leak about a possible tropic map. There is also mention of ‘Estate Arenas’, Apex Predator Squads (60 players), ‘Airdrop takeover trios’ and more.

Olympus in Apex legends
Respawn Entertainment

Olympus was the latest map added to Apex Legends, but it sounds like lots more is planned.

Leaked Apex Legends content

The leaks come in the form of game status updates, showing testers finishing a game in these new modes/maps/LTMs.

So, we don’t have any indication of what these entail exactly, which will have to be left up to the imagination at the moment.

You can see the original screenshots, shared by the burner account on Reddit, below.

The post was then deleted, before being shared again by reliable Apex data miner Biast12 on Twitter, along with some clarification on what each item could mean. The items are:

  • Estate Arenas
  • Tropic Playtest
  • Canyonlands MU3
  • 6-man Kings Canyon MU3
  • 1 LVL Boost
  • 40-man Oly duo
  • Airdrop Takeover Trios
  • Salvo Ship Active Tease
  • Fuse Active Tease

Two interesting points here are the ‘Fuse Active Tease’ and ‘Salvo Ship Active Tease’. In the past, Respawn has teased upcoming content through small additions to the current game, such as the gravity lift teaser for Horizon.

It’s possible that these are teasers due to be implemented in the game before the new content releases – we’ve heard the name Fuse before as a possible future Legend.

Estate Arenas could potentially be related to the Estates POI on Olympus.

Estates POI in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

The Estates POI on Olympus: Possible location for an arena mode?

The Tropic Island map was an Apex Legends leak from August 2020, but of course, the new map added in Season 7 was Olympus – certainly not a tropical island.

When are new modes coming to Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends game director, Chad Grenier, said in a Season 7 interview that they have lots of exciting content planned for both Season 8 and 9. But, he mentioned that Season 9 specifically will have new things that players won’t expect.

Some have hoped this could mean possible PvE modes, a story mode, team deathmatch-style respawn modes, and much more. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what the devs have planned, but these Apex Legends leaks might get the imagination going.

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