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Yoko Taro & Yosuke Saito Are Working Together On Two Games – Bleeding Cool News

In what probably feels like a dream team for a lot of gamers, Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito confirmed that they are working together. The NieR series creator and the Square Enix Producer made the reveal during an end-of-year video hosted by both V-Jump and Famitsu. Part of the conversation was translated by Games Talk, which we have the snippet of it for you below.

Credit: Square EnixCredit: Square Enix
Credit: Square Enix

According to Mr. Yosuke Saito, about a year ago, Mr. Yoko Taro suggested that he want to make a game like this, but Mr. Saito feels a strong sense of refusal that he never wants to do it. I refused this because it was. However, Yokowo’s feelings are strong, and he will try to persuade Mr. Saito with a three-hour controversy and an one-hour presentation. It seems that it was not easy, but as a result, Mr. Saito, who was pushed by Yokowo’s enthusiasm, accepted the proposal and decided to make the game. However, even after a year, Mr. Saito expressed his unwillingness to think, “If I can quit, I want to quit.”

In addition to the game that Mr. Saito is unpleasantly working on, another new work that both Mr. Saito and Mr. Yokowo are making after convincing each other is being prepared, and this one will be released first. … apparently …

Beyond that information, there’s no word on what those two games will be. There’s not even confirmation that Square Enix is the destination for where they will eventually get published. Whatever it is they may be working on, if it’s two games at the same time, we’re guessing we won’t see or know much about either one until probably 2022. It may be a bit of a wait, but all things considered with he two men involved with it, it may be well worth our time to see what they can come up with together.

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