Monday, June 14

First PS5 Restock of March Leaves Amazon Customers Divided –

The first PS5 restock of March 2021 is here, and it has arrived courtesy of Amazon, and unlike many recent restocks from GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and others, this new stock was substantial and it didn’t drop at a random time overnight. As a result, many PlayStation fans and Amazon customers were able to finally secure an order after months of trying and frustration. And of course, many still ran into the same ol’ issues and missed out on the restock.

While the restock was appreciable in size and while it released at a reasonable time of day, it was still weighed down by site issues and scalpers making use of advanced bots capable of gobbling up 1000s of orders in minutes. In other words, yes, the infamous dog error screen made its return during the restock.

Right now, the restock appears to be completely depleted, thought additional waves throughout the day could remedy this. As for additional restocks, right now there are none announced for today, but considering that most retailers are releasing at random with no warning, this could change very quickly. Until then, PlayStation fans are voicing their frustration over on Twitter, while others are rejoicing that the struggle is finally over.

Secured the PS5




Finally Successful


The Infamous Dog


Bots Strike Again


Throat Punch Amazon

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