Tuesday, June 15

JT of City Girls Faces Backlash for Blocking Fan Who Is Dying Of Cancer – VladTV

JT of the City Girls has been in the news recently after an alleged entanglement involving Lil Uzi Vert and his ex, which has been resolved, finding Uzi and JT in a happier space. However, JT was called out in another incident involving a fan who she ended up blocking. The rapper noted that she thought the person was a bot, but it was revealed that the account was a fan of hers who is reportedly dying of cancer.

The fan named Shaddai posted under JT’s tweets and said, “Hey JT sorry to bother u I know I’ve said this b4 but I’m a big fan of Urs & I think ur amazing & funny. Seeing u help me keeps my spirits up when I’m in pain. Im dying & have cancer. You said u would DM me but never did. I still would like facetime u for 5mins if possible Luv u.”

The fan then revealed that JT eventually blocked her, saying, “She blocked me y’all won. Y’all can {stop} sending me death messages and sending me emails to die on my go fund me or to my mother. Y’all won I get it.” Now, JT has revealed what really happened on her end.

The City Girl took to Twitter and said she thought the account was a bot at first. Along with that, JT noted that after she followed the account, she began to receive spam messages from her, and thought the page was fake. JT eventually went on to say, “Ima just pray for her that’s stronger than a phone call.” Take a look above.

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